The Presidential Inauguration

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” 

Today, the President of the United States was sworn in for another four years. Democracy at its finest. The people had spoken and Pres. Obama won the race.  If there was anyone who understood the responsibilities of the day, it was the president. The responsibility lies squarely on his shoulders and he has another four years to fulfill his promises. It is an impressive achievement to become the President of the United States not just once but twice. It is wonderful to be living in the DC Metro area and feel the excitement of the nation as this historic event comes to pass.

Aaron had the opportunity to volunteer at the ceremonies. His vantage point throughout the duration of the event was spectacular. Without much ado, here are some of the day's photographs for your viewing pleasure. 

President Obama addressing the crowds after taking the oath.

Aaron's spectacular view. He was seated in the balcony above the President. 

He looks like it was worth it to wake up at 5am and go through security on Capitol Hill and spend the rest of the time guiding Pres. Obama's special guests—friends and family—to their seats on the podium. 

This post would not be complete without a photograph of the reigning King and Queen of hip hop—the show stealer Beyonce and her supportive husband, Jay-Z. 

That's about it. 




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