Sky Meadows State Park

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.” 

― John Muir

I woke up this morning to the sun streaming through the autumn leaves throwing distorted rays through my window. I knew sleep was not an option, and I also knew that Aaron would want to go outside and soak in the crisp air the minute he woke up. 

After some deliberation about the best use of our time to commune with nature, we picked Sky Meadows. We had never been there before but my friend and fellow blogger, Jessica, loves this place, and goes as often as she can. Like her, I love Virginia! I love how beautiful everything is, and how close to the country I live. 

We set out on our road trip armed with a bottle of water and some snacks.

We chatted away and admired the scenery as it changed from urban to country. Horse country, to be exact. Lush green meadows. Autumn leaves swirling in the faint breeze. The sun playing amongst the clouds—sunny, one minute, and overcast, the next.   

As we entered Sky Meadows, we were greeted by these cows, happily grazing in the fields, oblivious to the cars parking in front of their fence, or the curious children running up to look at them.  Idyllic. Exactly what one would imagine the country to be like. 

Hurricane Sandy tried her best to erase Fall's glorious colors but to no avail. The mountainside was aglow in rich, luxurious reds and oranges. The fallen leaves added to the scenic imagery of the country. 

We wandered around happily in the perfect fall weather, content to take in the sights and sounds, imagining ourselves in a time when people lived here and fought wars on the same mountain upon which we stood. Both Aaron and I seemed okay with being lost in our thoughts as we communed with nature, letting the gentle breeze waft across our cheeks, while we breathed in deep gulps of fresh, crisp air. 

This is one of my favorite photographs of Aaron. Period. 

There are several hiking trails at Sky Meadows. Some—scenic and short, others—arduous and long. Knowing that Aaron needed to get his wiggles out, I had a temporary mental block when I suggested we go on a small hike. Mind you, small meant half a mile. Who knew that half a mile included some rapid elevation?  We walked up the side of the mountain (I huffed and puffed and threatened to collapse), and turned around to be rendered breathless by the view. I was breathless for other reasons besides the scenery, but it was an incredible sight to behold! 

We took a break on the benches as we congratulated ourselves on avoiding every single cow pie that was strewn in our hiking path. It appears the animals hike here as well. It was wonderful to spend some uninterrupted time with my best man. We love exploring together and this was turning out to be such a fun trip! After we had taken in as much as we visually could, we started our trek down.  A group of boy scouts were heading up, and of course, there had to be a little boy scout, with a backpack that was definitely taller than he was and, most certainly, weighed more than him. So, Aaron said I had no excuse to complain about going on a very small hike, even if my hamstrings were waging war. 

This is Hershey. Yes, I named her this, as she was the only brown cow among all the black ones. So, I wanted her to be remembered. 

I am so grateful to Jessica for blogging about this place more than once. We picked an absolutely perfect day to visit Sky Meadows and we loved it! It is now one of my favorite places, and I would suggest it to anyone who loves beauty in nature.  


  1. I'm so glad you went to my favorite place in Northern Virginia! Stunning views. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for being my inspiration! It is now one of my favorite places in Northern Virginia.


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