Agatha Christie Marathon

"The best time to plan a book is while you are doing the dishes." ~ Agatha Christie

Last week, I accidentally embarked on an Agatha Christie marathon.  What do I mean by 'accidentally'? Well, I started reading one, and just kept reading. Before I knew it, I had finished five books! If you have read an Agatha Christie novel, I am sure you have watched Hercule Poirot on PBS at some point in your life. If you have not, please do. 

Here are the five novels I read. The ones that involve the character Miss Jane Marple are sweet but the ones that with the complicated plots are the ones with Hercule as the lead detective.  Sorry about the bad quality of the images :) 

The incomparable Hercule Poirot sets out to prove that a bad toothache can lead to serious complications - especially if an impatient patient has a motive for murder and a loaded gun...

Tucked away in a Mayfair cul-de-sac, Bertram's Hotel was an island of Edwardian England in the heart of swinging London, where dowager duchess, country clergymen—and impressionable Americans—could still find glowing fires and cold grouse for breakfast. It was the perfect setting for Miss Jane Marple. But it was a most inappropriate pace for flamboyant Bess Sedgwick. And unthinkable as the centre of a web of crime...

The body of a man lay next to the pool artistically arranged. Dramatically, a woman stood over him with a revolver in her hand. Red paint had been spilled and was dripping slowly into the water...They had staged a murder scene for Hercule Poirot. Then, with a sudden shock, the professional eye of the famous detective became aware that the red paint was blood, and the drama took on a startling touch of reality.

Lymstock seemed the picture of an idyllic English country town—until a perverse hand with a posion pen slashed the pretty surface to bloody pieces...unless the inimitable Miss jane Marple could decipher the macabre messages of menace and write her own ending...


  1. Wow, these sound great! I definitely need to check them out! :)

    1. They are, Chels! You will love them and they are fairly quick reads.


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