Folger Rose Garden

On Labor Day, when most families were at the beach, or visiting friends and family and soaking up as much as they could of the last days of summer, Aaron and I decided to stay at home and explore some of the places we don't usually have the chance to explore. It turns out there were a few others who had the same idea, but it was not too bad. 

We made it a date, and walked the National Mall, visiting a few museums. One of the places we inadvertently walked through was the Folgers Rose Garden. We were making our way from the Sculpture Garden to the Smithsonian Castle and followed this path of beautiful flowers, and lovely roses. So, of course, I had to stop and take photos :)



  1. These pictures are out of this world. You have an amazing talent. Can you teach me please?

    1. Melita, thank you! I am still learning and very much an amateur :) I am more than happy to show everything I have learned so far. I will email you some links to blogs and websites of some incredible photographers I follow.


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