Date Night: National Harbor & Thai Pavilion

“We clear the harbor and the wind catches her sails and my beautiful ship leans over ever so gracefully, and her elegant bow cuts cleanly into the increasing chop of the waves. I take a deep breath and my chest expands and my heart starts thumping so strongly I fear the others might see it beat through the cloth of my jacket. I face the wind and my lips peel back from my teeth in a grin of pure joy.”
L.A. Meyer, Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber

 We drive into the sunset, down windy roads, catching a glimpse of the National Harbor as we approach its banks. Tonight, we just needed to get away for a few hours—shake away the stress of the work week, breathe in some fresh air, stroll along the banks of the harbor, take in the sights and sounds, and explore a new place.

We have lived in Virginia for two years now and have not been to this part of town—The National Harbor. It was the perfect evening to explore, to window shop, and to grab a bite to eat. We parked and walked over on the beachfront sidewalk, turned the corner and were greeted by this: 

The Awakening (1980) is a 70-foot (21 m) statue of a giant embedded in the earth, struggling to free himself, located at National Harbor in Prince George's County, Maryland, USA, just outside the District of Columbia. It was created by J. Seward Johnson, Jr. and originally installed at Hains Point, Washington, D.C.. (taken from Wikipedia). Kids love to play on this giant, and tourists and native alike, love having their pictures taken near him. 

We walk past the giant, and stroll the harbor for a few minutes, absorbing the night air blowing across our faces, and loving the fact that it was a beautiful night to be out near the river. As we walk further away from the water and closer to the shops and restaurants, Aaron spots the Peeps store and had to go in. I had never seen an entire store dedicated to these squishy marsh mellows before. Only in America! 

 After our exploration of several restaurants, we decide on Thai Pavilion - pricey $$ but interesting atmosphere. These guys accompany us as we eat our meal of sushi and crab meat fried rice.

Once we have eaten, we walk outside, peep in the windows of the stores strewn along the walking path, and sit on a bench for a few minutes. It is a magical night—the trees are strung with lights, there are hardly any people walking around, a brisk breeze wafts over us, caressing our faces, and causing the jacket-less Aaron to snuggle up to me. There we sit for a few minutes, peaceful and quiet and content. 

A lovely ending to a lovely evening.


  1. You guys are such a cute couple! I love your date night posts! We've lived in D.C. for almost THREE years and haven't been here yet!

    1. Chels! You are so sweet! And, you should go here before you guys leave to GA...the nights are lovely right now and you will enjoy it.


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