...someone who liked the guitar.

“You couldn't not like someone who liked the guitar.”
Stephen King, The Stand 

Sitting in my hotel room in Nashville, TN, I look at this beautiful instrument I just purchased. 

I have been in love with the guitar all my life. My earliest childhood memories always include someone playing a guitar, and me, singing and entertaining my family and friends before I was old enough to be bigger than the microphone in my hands. 

Music was such an integral part of my Anglo-Indian culture and I cannot imagine a life without music, singing and dancing. It is what kept my heart beating and my life interesting. My dearest childhood friends—The Jacobs—played a vital role in cultivating this love for music and dancing, and we always had opportunities to develop those talents—weddings, parties, gatherings at home. We never needed an excuse for someone to pull out their guitar, strum a few chords, and start singing and dancing. 

I am excited to learn to coax this instrument to replicate the sounds of joy and laughter that still resonate in my mind from my early childhood and teenage years. It is a journey I have longed to take and I am thrilled.

Thank you, Jacob family, for being that inspiration, for being a part of my life and Filly's as well, and, 
so I say...
Thank you for the music. 

Life is so carefree when heard through the strings of a guitar. 


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