Williamsburg Farmers' Market

“By ten o'clock, the sidewalk along Vine Street looks like the Fourth of July parade. Mama minds the cash box while Daddy and Mitch go to haul more tomatoes and peppers from the truck. The basket of beans is almost empty, so I fill it up again.”
― Paul Brett Johnson,
Farmers' Market

The air was filled with the sounds of friends greeting friends, dogs barking excitedly as their owners walked them past stalls filled with delicious goodies, and little kids, all bundled up against the cold, snuggled in their little stroller, while their parents loaded up on jams, breads, cookies, vegetables, and flowers. 

As we strolled through the historic Duke of Gloucester street, we reflected on the fact that this was one of the first colonies in America, and Thomas Jefferson and George Washington walked these very same streets.  We were thrilled to find Jefferson, seated on park bench, immersed in thought and surrounded by paper. So we stopped by to say hello and take a photograph, which he graciously obliged. 

We chatted happily with the locals, sampled some goodies, and ended up buying some delicious cranberry orange bread and some macadamia nut cookies. Loaded with the scrumptious loot, we proceeded to check out the other farmers' stalls.  There were doggy biscuits, blackberry jam, savory cheesecakes,  mushrooms, and beautiful flowers. 

Despite the cold and windy day, everyone was cheerful and happy to be there, and be a part of this lovely, historic town and tradition.  

No better way to enjoy a Saturday morning!


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    1. I don't know about that, but we both love exploring new places, so this was loads of fun for us, despite the cold :) We should take a trip together in the spring!


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