Date night - Unrestrained, hearty laughs

"A good, real, unrestrained, hearty laugh is a sort of glorified internal massage, performed rapidly and automatically.  It manipulates and revitalizes corners and unexplored crannies of the system that are unresponsive to most other exercise methods."
~Author unknown
 Our date night included driving to Williamsburg to kick start our anniversary weekend, cheap Chinese food, and Jenga. 

 I thought I was getting spicy shrimp but it tasted more like sweet and not too sour shrimp. Aaron and I both realized we could have just had a snack and been satisfied. Oh well!

We ate, talked, and relaxed. Our hearty laughs started when Aaron pulled out one of his early gifts—Jenga. I understood the game and had a general idea of the rules. Aaron, however, felt impressed to make up rules (lying to me) to make me believe he knew this game very well. The whole time we were were playing this, he taunted me and laughed at me, claiming that I was going to topple the tower. 

I know I certainly enjoyed a very hearty laugh when Aaron crashed it right to the ground :) It was fantastic crash! We could not stop laughing, and it was so good for the soul. We laugh a lot together, and it is one of my favorite things to do with my darling husband. 
Unrestrained, hearty laughs. 
What a wonderful date night!


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