30 going on 60

That's how I felt this morning, when Aaron asked me to go running with him. I still live in the past, where I used to wake up at 6:00am and do a hardcore workout for an hour, have a post-workout protein shake, shower and get ready for the day by 8am. I weighed 119lbs, had 20% body fat, and was toned all over. Fast forward eight years later, and I could barely run 1/4 mile or one lap around a track this morning! Ack! What happened, and why do I not know when this happened? 

How's this for motivation?

These days, I am lucky if I get in a good stretch in the morning. Sedentary is the box I now check when I try to calculate what my calorie intake should be. Sedentary! When did I go from Active to Sedentary?? I feel like an unwelcome guest in that box and hate to see it being checked to describe my activity level or lack thereof. The only thing that has been getting a workout has been my imagination! Whilst I was imagining how I used to look and feel, my body had taken things into its own hands, and decided that the terms like bloated, pudgy, soft in the middle, breathless (not in the gorgeous sense), creaky joints and achy muscles could all be synonymous with my name.

I know that things need to change, and they need to change quick if I am to survive and dial back to my actual age, versus feeling like an older version of myself, physically. I always procrastinate while searching for this gadget or that gizmo to tell me what I am burning, stepping, running, etc. Or I am always looking to start on the perfect Monday because it makes it easier to track things.

An old man, who could easily be 70 years old, beat the tar out of me on the track this morning. I stopped after two laps around the track, wheezing and holding my chest (partly because I was breathing in cold air and partly, ok, mostly because I was completely out of shape, and he just waltzed past me on his fourth lap, and I am sure I heard him whistling. Taunting me.

So, people, the only way to break my bad habit cycle of staying up late, not getting enough sleep, and not exercising is to reverse all of that and go to bed early, wake up early and work out EVERY DAY! I need some help here! How do you stay motivated and push yourself to get into a workout routine? How do you stay consistent? Please share.  How do I go from feeling like the lady on the left to the one on the right??


  1. This last year I really got into working out, my motivation was signing up for the Tough Mudder. It really worked to have a goal so hard that I knew if I didn't stick to my exercise/eating plan I would pretty much collapse halfway through. Fear kept me in line. Also setting up a private Facebook group with a few like minded friends to keep each other going and share tips. Marcie

  2. You are so funny Yolanda but I understand. I've tried waking up in the morning to work out but it never happens. I always have to go around 8 or 9 pm at night. You can try making a chart and putting it on your fridge or signing up fir a class.

  3. We got a wii and wii fit for Christmas. It's fun, a workout, and we don't even have to leave the house. You will have to ours out sometime. -Jacob

  4. I'm just laughing reading this because I start my exercise at 8:30 or so in the morning or 8 am at the earliest. Sometimes I do it at lunch when i work out of home and at times around 5pm before the sunset. The main thing is to get that exercise!!! That depends on my own will and also, I kind of get quite motivated when I have a work out buddy or a friend talking about it :)

    It's good to feel I'm not alone on this. And oh my gush, Yolanda, YOU can do it again! You set your mind to it you do it :) I know you well enough :) Just glad we can share with each other that it's not easy cause it's not! That way we can all feel that we aren't such weaklings!

  5. Thank you all for the responses! I am so glad that I am not alone, and I am going to put some of the suggestions into action. Marcie, Aaron is very excited about Tough Mudder and I just shudder :) Chels, I like the idea of putting something up on my fridge as a reminder/motivator. Jacob, I will have to try the Wii but I suck at video games :D Nastia, thank you for the motivation! I appreciate all the comments!


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