A day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Aaron and I took a spontaneous road trip to NYC. The city invigorates Aaron; he is such an explorer at heart, and I love having new experiences. So we decided to spend a day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Neither of us had been to it before and it was on my bucket list (a rather long list that seems to grow each year). A tip about the Met: if you visit in person, you can pay whatever you like, but if you buy tickets online they are $25. So, Aaron and I went to the Met for a mere $5 a piece, and spent hours walking around and admiring art and armour, alike.

A bit of history about The Met: It dates back to 1886 in France, when a group of Americans decided to create a national institution and gallery of art, to bring art and art education to the American people. By the twentieth century, The Met had become one of the world's great art centers. To learn more about this museum, click here.

We could spend a whole week in this place, and not have enough time to see every collection. Since we only had a day, we selected a few exhibitions we would like to see, and did just that. Time flies in a place like this and the only way you can tell that you have spent hours in this museum is when your feet start screaming at you for torturing them without giving them a break! We had spent 4 hours or so in there before we realized that we had to leave and enjoy the rest of the city before the the rest of the day slipped away from us.

It was a gorgeous day in the city—blue skies, sun shining, and tourists and native New Yorkers milling around, greeting friends, eating hot dogs, taking in the sights and sounds, just like we were.

Here are some photos of our stroll through the Met:

After we had spent several hours inside, we made our way outside, and Aaron bought us some knishes, and a couple of pretzels, and a hot dog, we played the part of native New Yorkers, while we ate our snacks on the steps on the steps of The Met, people watching. We walked for a few blocks to the subway, and I bought a scarf and a pair of sunglasses, and made our way to Port Authority, figured out the bus system, and rode the bus back to New Jersey, much to the surprise of Aaron's cousins, with whom we were staying. 

It was a lovely adventure in the city. I was happy that Aaron surprised me with this trip—I thoroughly enjoyed it!


  1. That is so funny that we both had random trips to NYC this past week! The Met is still on my wish list though! Awesome pictures and you look so beautiful!

  2. That is funny! Trust us to be the one who do the spontaneous trips! Yeah, The Met is worth seeing. Like I said, you could spend days, but if you select a few things to see, you will really get to enjoy it. I really like the Renaissance painting exhibit right now. Masterpieces! I can see how artists in those days really evoked emotions with their art—they were just incredible at conveying their feelings through their paintings! Thank you for the compliments, too :)


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