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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Midterm Elections & Food Poisoning

It is 1a.m. I am curled up on my couch, watching the midterm elections on NBC's Decision 2010. The Republicans seem to have taken over the House, Nancy Pelosi is out, and I have a bad case of the stomach flu :(

I ate some chicken and broccoli over rice yesterday. I should have known when it had broccoli in it, since I don't like eating broccoli, that it may not be satisfying. But it proved to be more than unsatisfying, it actually led to food poisoning and a day off work, feeling nauseated all day. Yuck!

Note to self: When food contains ingredients that you are not a fan of, choose something else.

Monday, November 1, 2010

...I brought you into this world, and I can take you out...

...if you could guess who said that right after you read it, you are a true fan!
...if the names - Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa & Rudy mean anything to you, you are a true fan!
...if OBKB puts a smile on your face, you are a true fan!

On October 23rd, 2010, I had the chance to cross off another thing on my bucket list - watch Bill Cosby Live on Stage!!!! It was at the historic Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and it was perfect!

Here are some of the famous and funny quotes on The Cosby Show:

"Dad, Denise pushed us out of the bathroom, so the soap's in Rudy's eyes and she wouldn't let me rinse out the shampoo like Mom said and now Rudy might be blinded for life! If she is, can we get a dog?"
- Vanessa in Pilot

"We're here to say goodbye to a cherished friend: Lamont, the goldfish."
"I've always felt safe with him around."
- Cliff and Vanessa in Mr. Fish

Talking to Denise"Take the glasses off!"
Denise takes them off, revealing weird make up on the side of her face
"Put the glasses on!"
- Cliff in Mr. Fish

"So you don't want another one? child"
"There's times that I don't even want the ones we have."
- Clair and Cliff in One More Time

laughing at Denise's outfit W"here are you going dressed like that?"
"School." still laughing "What? Is it scarecrow day?"
- Cliff and Denise in Rudy's Sick

"Hey, if Dad lets you go, I'll give you five-hundred dollars."
"You don't have five-hundred dollars!"
"Do I look worried?"
- Theo and Denise in Jitterbug Break

"What's the matter?"
"I'm bored."
"You're bored? Well that's funny because I've got $3 million of books up in your room."
- Cliff and Rudy in Slumber Party

"Is that what you are wearing to school, Rudy?"
"Go in your room and change. You look like a fortune teller."
- Cliff and Rudy in First Day of School

"Alright, there are 3 rules to follow when we are trick-or-treating: Number 1: Stay with me at all times; Number 2: Put candy from people you know in one bag, and from people you don't in another; Number 3: Don't tell anyone who I am!"
- Cliff in Halloween

"But you've always wanted to be a lawyer, you've talked about nothing else!"
"I've changed my mind."
"CHANGE IT BACK! After all that money we sent sending you to Princeton? Sondra, you owe us 79,648 dollars and 22 cents, and I want my money NOW!"
- Clair and Sondra in Call of the Wild

"I'm so smart, I'm smarter than me."
- Cliff in Cliff's Mistake

"Yes, I know Tina Turner. I knew Tina Turner when she was rollin' on the river!"
- Cliff in The Physical

"Dad, you will do your impression of the funny pirate, won't you? Everybody loves it when you do the pirate!"
"Well, first of all, I am not a professional comedian."
- Rudy and Cliff in Rudy's All-Nighter

"Isn't this like when you took Theo to the Army? Theo isn't in the Army."
"The Army wouldn't take Theo. The basement will take you."
- Vanessa and Cliff in A Room With No View

"Why couldn't they have had an essay question that said, "Write the story of Icarus"? I would have cleaned up on that."
"Because this is not Burger King! You cannot have it your way!"
- Theo and Cliff in Theo's Gift

about being romantic "I've got five children...I don't need to prove anything to anybody!"
- Cliff in Isn't It Romantic?

"Uh huh! 'I forgot.' Some of the greatest lies ever told by your children: 'I forgot,' 'I'll pay you back later,' 'It was like that when I found it.'"
- Cliff in It's All in the Game

"I'm just saying that a woman can have babies longer than a man can play football."
"Go to sleep, Cliff...'cause you're gonna need a helmet if you keep talking."
- Cliff and Clair in Clair's Liberation

"All of you who do not have a job, raise your hands. And while you have your hands up, I want you to look down because for guys who aren't working, I'm seeing expensive sneakers."
- Cliff in For Men Only

Winnie tiptoes into Cliff and Clair's room and posts a blue sticker on Cliff's nose, waking him up. "We're moving today!"
pointing to the sticker"What does that have to do with this?"
"Daddy is putting blue stickers on all the big, heavy things we want to take with us."
- Winne and Cliff in The Getaway

Hope you enjoyed some great belly laughs!

Bill Cosby is one of my heroes.