Inspired by Life

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 4 - 4:35 PM

We are finally off!! With a raging migraine but all things packed..incidentally, I feel like I have packed for the coming of the end of the world..there is just sooo much stuff, that once it is all packed and you survey it, you groan inside, coz you know you packed way too much, but who wants to bloody unpack all of it again???

So, all things car related were taken care of my Aaron, and all things packing related were taken care of by moi. I will packing up this laptop, so next updates will be on facebook..

thanks for hanging in there with us so far...

Day 4 - 9:30AM

I am feeling a bit better this morning, but Aaron may be starting to come down with a cold and we are doing all we can to fight that too :) We are troopers!!! Aaron got me some much needed prescription medication that treats acute bronchitis and it is already making a difference.

Ever wake up with a is one of those mornings but it cannot keep me or my spirits down...I am excited to do a road trip and keep the countdown going.

Yesterday, I even secured a wedding videographer who I know will be excellent! Yay for me - if you had heard me speak yesterday, you would be amazed how I managed to convince the vendors I was female and that I was not prank-calling them :D

Well, things on the agenda today: Pack, clean the house so we can come back to a clean house, buy some chains for the car because we cannot drive through Tahoe without them ( a dear friend sent me a text message this morning as she checked the weather and told me where to buy tire chains for cheap...I love my friends!), change the oil and brakes if possible, get the car packed and hit the road, Jack!!

In trying to assess my feelings this morning, I think I feel a good mixture of anticipation & nervous excitement - not stressed out though (yet). All you wonderful married people out there, what did you guys feel when it was the countdown to your wedding day?? I would love to hear some thoughts on this, so please write....

Keep you posted as the day goes by.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 5 - 2:30PM

Well, according to all the home remedies for bronchitis, or laryngitis which is what I am suffering from, DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS...seems to be the only way to beat it.

I am hoping that my voice returns by Friday!!!

So I have confirmed the catering: KNEADERS BAKERY - they are fabulous!!! There is going to be some yummy food and they have the best desserts, so I am having them make my cake as well! So I can cross that off my list of things to do.

On to the next project!! Between hacking up my lungs and drinking so much water and sounding like I just hit puberty, it has been an interesting morning so far!

The Wedding Countdown Begins - Day 5 - 9:30am

I decided to blog about our experiences leading up to the day so that all our family and friends could have a part in our lives :)

The wedding countdown begins with me battling bronchitis and losing my voice, and Aaron taking care of me. But we are moving forward with all plans and details.

The date: February 12th, 2010
The Place: Salt Lake Temple at 11:20 am
The Reception: Yale Ward Chapel, 1431 Gilmer Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84105
Time of Reception: 6:30pm
Bride: Me
Bridegroom: Aaron Taylor

We are leaving for Utah tomorrow morning, which leaves me with a chore list to fight with. Gather all necessary documents to take with us - temple recommend, etc; get car checked and change oil, pack for two weeks, confirm catering, photos, video, confirm the temple appointment, finalize the date for reception in CA, send out any last minute invitations, make phone calls to let people know to be there if they don't get the invitations on time, coordinate out-of-town guests arrivals and pickups - thank goodness, most of them have family in Utah, so no worries there :D, finalize music and photo slide, ring ceremony walk through with Aaron and I, list of decorations to be bought when we get to Utah, tux to be rented, etc... and despite all this, I am very calm and not stressed at all.

Aaron has to work today, so I am doing all that I can to get things organized and ready for our trip, including snack foods for us and movies and music to keep us company on our 12 hour long drive to Utah mostly in snow, we think, since we have to travel via Tahoe. Hope the weather is good to us.

We are so excited as there are several great friends of ours making road trips and air trips to make it for our wedding. Some we have seen recently and others, it has been a few years!! Thank you all for making this a special day for us..we are just thrilled to see all of you this Friday!!

Now I am off to attack my list, with a hoarse voice and a tired body, but attack nonetheless :D

Will post again very soon. I am sure I will need a break!