Inspired by Life

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dosas for Dinner

So, I have been on this Indian food kick lately...ok, I am always on it. But Indian food is the BEST!! Here you will see a side of me that usually defies my general reaction to all things Indian. Ever since I came back from India, I am able to, or rather, I am learning once again, how to accept the people, while I embrace the colors, food and traditions of the country.

I decided to have dosas and molagapodi ( roughly translated, chili/chutney powder) for dinner. After finally getting the right consistency and the right spoon to spread the batter, I enjoyed some delectable dosas this evening. It is so strange that no matter how many years I have been away from India, that South Indian flavor of food will never be erased from my palette's memory.

Grateful for the access I have to some Indian things, I have been enjoying murukkus ( lentil flour munchies), badam sweets ( almond sweets), sambar, appalams, and the like. So finger-licking good! ( In India, this would be quite literal.)

I also have a roommate who is understanding of the aromas of Indian cooking and enjoys the food from time to time. This makes it easier to be more creative in what I cook and eat. All in all, a great dinner!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Familiarity knows NO LIMIT!!!

Last weekend, during a trip to Southern California, the following occurs:

Time: 4:30PM
Place: A best friend's house ( high school friends)
Actor: Best Friend

We were walking to the car, parked in the driveway, getting ready to run some errands. She has one foot in the car and suddenly sees this elderly couple walking on the sidewalk. She says: "Oh! They are Wendy's ( her neighbor's) parents. Let me tell them to thank Wendy for the clothes she had sent for my baby." So she yells out to them, "Tell Wendy thank you for the clothes."

Response: "Huh????"

She yells out again: " Please tell Wendy thank you for the baby clothes. They are really cute!"

Response as the older couple draws closer: "Huh???"

She runs over to them, repeating the same thing one more time. When she gets closer, she realizes that the couple is indeed NOT Wendy's parents and therefore, the surprised response. With profuse apologies and a flushed face, she runs back to the car and jumps in and slams the door shut.

Since I was already in the car with the doors closed, I could not hear any of the interaction, nor do I know what Wendy's parents look like. So the entire time, I am assuming that she, my friend, is just being friendly. Well, it turns out she was too friendly and wanted to thank some strangers for baby clothes.

The gentleman replied, smiling: "If you like, we can let Wendy know."

So as I was pulling away from the house, she tells me what happened. Naturally, we burst out laughing. After repeating the joke a few times, I think, we are done laughing, only to have my friend outdo herself.

After a minute she says: " But they knew Wendy, because the old mad told me he would tell her." This brought on a fresh new flurry of laughs and I was doing all I could to drive straight. I had to tell her that he was joking with her and in fact, did not know Wendy at all.

We laughed our heads off the whole time!!! Best errand-running trip ever!!!